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Shop Owner's Papers (店主の手記:ミサイル発射計画 Tenshu no shuki: Misairu hassha keikaku?) is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


This file is found in the Drug Store.


I underestimated the idea of trying to protect human territory. The plan to clean out the dinosaurs intruding into the city failed. The humans in this world are about to be extinct.

We human should have never lay our hands on 3rd Energy. The military folks still don't get it even after all this. Their plan is to fire the 3rd Energy Missile in this area of the jungle and wipe the whole area out.

They plan to take the 3rd Energy data disk to the Missile silo in the jungle and input the data in the warhead. The missile is scheduled to strike this area at noon tomorrow. It's either the missile first or us first... who knows?

この世界で人間の領土を守ろうという発想は、 やはり甘かった。
シティに侵入してくる恐竜を一掃する作戦は、 失敗に終わった。

この世界の人間は今、 限りなく絶滅に近づいている。

サードエナジーはやはり、 人間が手を出すべき領域ではなかった。
軍の連中は、 ここまで追い詰められてもまだ、 それが分からない。

サードエナジーミサイルを、 この周辺のジャングルに撃ちこんで、 エリアこと消し去るつもりらしい。

サードエナジーのデータディスクをジャングルのミサイル発射場に持ちこんで、 のデータを弾頭に入力、 明日の正午、 このエリアに撃ち込むそうだ。

ミサイルが失か、 俺たちの全滅が失か……?

The idea of trying to protect the human territory in this world was a sweet one.
The operation to wipe out the dinosaurs invading the city has ended in failure.

Now, the people of this world infinitely approach extinction.

Still, Third Energy was not an area humans should dabble in.
The military guys are so far up a tree they don't know it.

The Third Energy missile that is going to fired from the jungle seems intent to obliterate the area.

The Third Energy data disc will be brought into the missile silo in the jungle and input into a warhead. Tomorrow at noon, it will fire into this area.

If the missile fails, will we be destroyed with it?