Dino Crisis Wiki

""You can spray enemies with bullets.""
— Sub Screen description.

The Shotgun is a special weapon in Dino Stalker. It has high damage on close range and causes knockback.


Fire-Mode: Pump-Action

Rate of Fire: Slow

Damage: High


The Shotgun fires 12-gauge shotgun shells and is best used in close range for devastating results with its splash damage and knockback upon firing. It can cause stagger or interruption on bosses such as the Carnotaurus, or Trinity. There is a slight delay since loading the next shell requires the gun to be pumped.


  • The Shotgun is based on a real-life Franchi SPAS-12. The in-game function after firing the gun emits a pumping sound to load the next shot, but unlike its real-world counterpart, it can fire 12-Gauge Shells in semi-automatic, while pump-action is for the low-pressure ammunition such as the less-lethal bean bags or tear gas rounds.