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Shu Takumi (巧 舟 Takumi Shū?) (born May 2, 1971) is a Japanese video game developer working at Capcom who is the main developer of the core Ace Attorney series, serving as director and scriptwriter for each game. In addition, he provided the Japanese voice for Phoenix Wright throughout the series and composed the song "Guitar's Serenade," for the video game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


Takumi was picked up by Shinji Mikami to work on Dino Crisis. However, in early 1997, the Dino Crisis team was temporarily redirected to help work on the ill-fated original version of Resident Evil 2. Takumi was then made director of the Dino Crisis project before being demoted to planner, being responsible for the first half of the game. He was then made director of Dino Crisis 2, and was able to maintain his position throughout the game's development.[2]


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