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Soldier's Papers is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


It is found on the body of a dead soldier in the Third Energy Facility's Storage Space.[1]


It looks like this is the end for us. After surviving all this time... and to be killed by humans. Who are they? Those people with the full-face helmets and the rider suits.

Somehow I managed to escape. But I seem to have dropped the key for this facility. How foolish of me. I can only think of one place where it might be. I must have dropped it somewhere near the spring in the jungle.

That spring has rather a fast current considering its small size. I must go there quickly or else it may drift away somewhere. The disk I was to deliver Colonel Maison has been stolen by them helmets. I believe the the data was about some kind of autopsy.

しかし、ここまで生き抜いてきて、 最後に、人間の手にかかって死ぬとは……。

あいつらは、 いったい誰なんだ。
フルフェイスのヘルメットに、 黒のライダースーツを着ていた。

何とか逃げてきたんだが、 この施設に入るキーカードを落としてしまった。

思い当たるのは、 あそこしかない。
ジャングルの港付近にある、 泉が湧き出ているポイントだ。


あの泉は、 小さい割に流れが速い。
早く行かないと、 流されてしまうかもしれない。


There's no chance I'll escape this time.
I've survived this long only to die by human hands in the end.

Who the heck are they?
Full-face helmets, wearing black rider suits.

I escaped somehow, but dropped the keycard to enter the facility.
I'm such an idiot!

I've remembered the place.
Near the jungle harbor, there's a gushing spring.

(Jungle spring)

That spring, it's small and flows fast.
If I don't go, it may disappear into the current.

They stole the disk I was expected to deliver to Colonel Maison at the lake facility.
It discussed some data about an autopsy report...




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