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"Destroys cells by way of vibration. Effective for a few seconds even after initial fire."
— Inventory description.

The Solid Cannon is one of Dylan Morton's main weapons in Dino Crisis 2. It is the first weapon that can be bought in the game.

The Solid Cannon is, by far, Dylan's best weapon throughout the game. Even though the Anti-Tank Rifle and the Rocket Launcher have more firepower, they're slow, making them the worst weapons when engaging multiple enemies. The Cannon, on the other hand, excels in short/medium range engagement against one or multiple dinos, due to its high damage, paired with its relatively good speed and range. 

When fired, the Cannon will release a sphere of energy, which will linger around for a few seconds, disappearing immediately if another shot is fired. The sphere not only severely damages, but also stuns any lesser dinos that it touches, stopping them in their tracks. This means it may be used to stop dinosaurs from pursuing the player without having to turn around. It also performs great against Pteranodons, since it prevents them from swooping down on you.


  • Performance: Attack-70, Speed-60, Range-50.[1]
  • Ammo Price: 25 Pts.[1]
  • Capacity: +20=5,000 Pts; +50=10,000 Pts; +100=15,000 Pts.[1]




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