Dino Crisis Wiki

This is the room in the B3 facility that is used to store the Initializer and also the Stabilizer in a small room at the top of the room.

The room is quite small, but is extremely important, if you choose to do Rick's way of making a new Initializer and Stabilizer this room is fairly useless as you make new ones. The room is quite important as there are " biological weapons" that if activated will destroy every living thing on the Island.

There is a security book that Dr. Kirk wrote on a metal counter in here and tells of Third Energy.

In the back room there is a small elevator leading to a small, important and frozen room that is used to store the Initializer and the Stabilizer.


The security for the room is high as it is so important, there are security cameras, a control panel devoted to the cameras feed, a level A security clearance and high security doors. It is not really hidden away as if you have the proper keycards you can easily access . There is a large dinosaur outside the door but is not a major issue getting to the room.

Overall it is an important room and so should be fully explored.


Location Localization Original Script
Monitor screens below the glass panel Status of the stored weapons is on display. 保管されている兵器の情報がディスプレイされている
Monitoring devices in the backroom Video feed monitoring Weapon Storage. 奥の兵器保管庫の状況がモニターされている
Screens in the backroom It's video feed from the surveillance camera of this room. この部屋の監視カメラの映像だ
Computer in the backroom It's a control panel for the monitoring device. 監視装置の制御パネルだ
File on the desk "Third Energy Basic Theory Written by Edward Kirk" Will you read the file? Yes / No 《サードエナジー基礎理論 エドワード・カーク著》ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Examining the stored biological weapons Biological weapons are stored. If these are activated, all creatures on this island will be annihilated. 細菌兵器が保管されている これらが作動した場合 島の生物は全滅してしまうだろう
Device between the stored biological weapons It is a device to maintain the storage conditions of the biological weapons. 細菌兵器の保管環境を一定に保つための装置だ
Samples at the back of the weapons storage Small creatures that were used for the biological weapon experiments are stored here. 細菌兵器の実験で使用された小動物が保存されている
Samples found in the frozen room up the elevator The samples for the biological weapons are stored. They are frozen. 細菌兵器のサンプルが冷凍保存されている