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Stabilizer Design Room is an area on Ibis Island's Facility B2 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large room with a large monitor at the center of the room. Many papers are scattered around the place.


The DDK Code Disc W can be located on the large monitor in the middle of the room. Protect P. 2-A can be found in a locked storage, by


Location Localization Original Script
Storage case Parts of some sort are stored in the case. They must be used to assemble something. ケースの中に何かのパーツが保存されている 組み立ててから使用するようだ
Files on center table Files are scattered about. A planning sheet is displayed on the monitor. 資料が散乱している ディスプレイにはプランシートが表示されている
Yellow file on the table A file book of notice messages. Will you read it? Yes / No 連絡事項をまとめたファイルブックがある ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
The device The "Planning Disc" is required to operate this device. この装置を操作するには設計ディスクが必要だ
Large monitor display on the wall Some kind of simulation is in progress on the big monitor. 巨大なディスプレイでは何かのシミュレーションが行われている
Storage space on the machine at the corner Storage for the important parts. A subtle machine sound from the part that is controlling the device can be heard. 重要なパーツの保管装置だ 装置内の状態を制御する機械の作動音がかすかに聞こえる
Stabilizer and Initializer models These two devices seem to be just models. They cannot be used. 2つの装置はどうやら模型らしい これを実際に使用することはできない