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The Stabilizer Experiment Room is an area found in Dino Crisis.



Upon first entering here, a Blue Raptor will be faced near the Lv. A door. The DDK Code Disc D can be found on the central table. A plug can also be found here, on an edge of the table. At the opposing edge, there is a locked storage containg Shotgun Parts. The password to unlock it is 1281.

Beyond the table section there is the main Stabilizer Room, which can only be accessed with a Key Card Lv. A. Protect P. 2-B can be found on a storage by the end of the main room, if Planning Disc is used. An Initializer and a Stabilizer can be created on the computers at the center of the main room if Planning Disc and all the six parts are in the inventory. The player needs to mount the devices by themselves by joining the pieces as they appear on the screen. If a piece is not succefully mounted the process must be repeated.


Location Localization Original Script
Table near entrance The design plans for various parts are shown at the center of the table. テーブルのまん中には 各種のパーツの設計プランが表示されている
Glass shield Various machines can be seen through the glass shield ガラス越しに部屋の向こう側の機械類が見える ガラスはディスプレイになっていて機械類の動作状況が表示されている
Storage panel Will you operate the panel? Yes / No パネルを操作しますか? Yes / No
Door near the glass shield A Key Card Lv. A is required to open the door. このドアを開くにはレベルAのキーカードが必要だ
Terminal inside Lv.A area It's used to make adjustments for the machines that handle the parts assembly. パーツ組み立て操作を行う機械類の調整に使用されるようだ
Shelves Shelves used to store the assembled prototype parts. 仕上がった試作パーツを格納する棚だ
Case storing protective parts 2-B The "Planning Disc" is required to open this case. このケースを開けるには設計ディスクが必要だ
Empty case Nothing is inside of the case. ケースの中には何も入っていない
Central machine This device assembles the parts of the Generator in the necessary weightless environment. It appears that the critical parts of the Generator can be assembled here.

Will you assemble the parts you have? Yes / No

無重力空間でパーツを作り出す装置だ いくつかの部品を組み立ててジェネレータに必要な装置を作るようだ

持っているパーツを組み立てますか? Yes / No

Try to assemble without all the parts You cannot operate it since you don't have the right number of parts. パーツの数が足りないため操作することはできない