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Stabilizer Experiment Room cutscene[note 1] is a cutscene in Dino Crisis. It is part of the "Act 7" section of the game.[1]



Regina: "You got your man, Gail."

Kirk: "You're not one to forget a grudge, are you?"

Regina: "C'mon, let's go."

Gail: "Regina, take this."

Regina: "A disc?"

Gail: "It contains all the information on the Third Energy. Including the details on how to use it as a weapon. Once we deliver this disk to our government, our REAL mission will be complete."

Kirk: "Hahahahaha! Just as I suspected!!"

Regina: "What do you mean our "REAL" mission? Our mission is to take back Dr. Kirk."

Kirk: "That was the official lie they fed you. Your boss only wanted the data from the very beginning."

Regina: "What are you talking about?"

Kirk: "Don't you get it, girl? It's SO obvious. The government doesn't want me, they want the Third Energy. They want this weapon all to themselves."

Regina: "Then this whole mission was a front from the very beginning!"

Gail: "Our government knew that Kirk's project had to be some type of weapon. I mean, just think about it. A staged accidental death, political asylum, a secret non-weapon project at a hidden military base. And you know how this country has always been famous for developing new weapons in secret. Our government knew that there was a new weapon, and they wanted it. Our REAL mission was to ascertain all information on the weapon, so that only our country could exploit it. Dr. Kirk's just a bonus."

Regina: "I... can't believe it."

Kirk: "Ha! You naively called ME a devil before. But if you think about it, you know who the true devil is."

Regina: "I don't understand, Gail, why didn't you tell us!?"

Gail: "I can only guess that you two were too clean to be trusted by the top brass."

Regina: "What about you?"

Gail: "I didn't want to put either of you in danger. What you didn't know, couldn't hurt you.

Kirk: "This has been all quite enlightening, but can we GO now?!"

Regina: "You're right. Let's go, Gail"

Kirk: "And this is your reward for a lifetime of service to the government. Sad, isn't it?"

Regina: "Let's go!"

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