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Storage Sector Duties is a file in Dino Crisis 3.


This file is first collected at the Rotary Joint.


1)The primary function of the Storage Sector is to allow the rearrangement of the five Storage Modules in order to facilitate extra-vehicular operations. The modules are controlled by two formation-change terminals located in the Rotary Joint.

2)The respective terminals operate Turbines A and B. Each turbine manages the following modules:

Turbine A
- Starboard Storage Modules x2
- Central Storage Module

Turbine B
- Portside Storage Modules x2
- Central Storage Module

NOTE: Each turbine is triggered with a Turbine Activation Unit which must be replaced approximately every 8 years.

3)The Storage Sector is also a key component for connecting the Deck and Shaft sectors. Aside from emergency situations, Storage Module A should always be positioned in the upper portside position of the Storage Sector.