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The Strategy Room was located in the Facility 1F area of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility. The Strategy Room appeared in the first Dino Crisis game. Entering the room was necessary in order to collect the materials needed to gain access to the Facility B1 laboratory.


The strategy room was used by military staff for tactical simulations, the storage and display of weapons positioning data, and keeping track of the soldiers located in the facility. Ibis Island staff used this room to hold meetings regarding the security of the facility. Entry to the room required a sufficiently high clearance ID Card, and the bypass of a laser shutter defense system. A yellow emergency supply box was built into the back wall of the room.


In 2009, shortly before the year's Third Energy experiment, S.O.R.T agent Regina entered this room using Colonel Clay's ID card. While there, she read a security memo titled "Data for Operation Meeting" and retrieved the F. C. Device from the centre table.


Player can read the memo that is located on the large display table. One of the "E" discs and the F. C. Device can also be found on the display table. There is a plug on the ground. There is also a yellow emergency box on the wall which can be used to store ammunition and medical supplies, it requires a plug to open.


Location Localization Original Script
Memo on the display table Data file for an operation meeting. Will you read the file? Yes / No 作戦会議用の資料ファイルだ ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Machine on the wall These machines are controlling the various tactical simulation programs. 多様な戦略シミュレーションのプログラムを管理するマシンだ
The terminal ahead This terminal keeps track of the soldiers who are positioned in the facility. 施設に配備されている軍人のデータを管理するための端末だ
The large screen with the Borginian Republic flag The computer screen indicates idle status. このコンピュータは稼働していない スクリーンに休止画像が表示されている
Display table at the center The images displayed on the big screen can also be seen on the table. テーブルには大型スクリーンと同じ映像が表示されている
Monitor on the wall These appear to be images from the scouting satellite. It clearly shows the hostile area weapons' positioning.  偵察衛星からの映像のようだ 敵地の兵器配備が一目で分かる
The large screen at the back A video simulation of the worldwide weapon positioning plan. 全世界規模の新兵器配置を構想したシミュレート映像が映し出されている
Yellow emergency box

You can store ammo and medical supplies in this Emergency Box. You need a plug to open this Emergency Box.

(No plug) You do not have enough plugs.

(With plug) Will you use the plug? Yes / No

この緊急ボックスでは回復系と弾薬系のアイテムを補給できる 開けるためには1個のプラグが必要だ


プラグを使いますか? Yes / No