The Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team, otherwise known as "TRAT", was a Special Operations unit active in the 21st century within a certain nation.[note 1]


TRAT's role is as a military special operations unit made-up of the best soldiers from various sections of the military. It participates in a number of mission styles from the rescue of high-profile hostages to sabotage to reconnaissance. The latter of these roles is considered to be the best in the unit.

Operational historyEdit

TRAT's commanding officer left the unit in 2001 in protest over a lack of autonomy from the army's command. He succeeded in forming a new organization, the Secret Operation Raid Team, under the government's control. Due to the reasons behind this unit's formation, the two organizations became rivals.[1]

TRAT's only known mission was a rescue and recovery mission to investigate the disappearance of Edward City and its Third Energy Facility and bring back the research data. Following the wake by way of groundbreaking timegate technology, the TRAT platoon traveled 3,000,000 years into the future. The entire platoon, bar First Lieutenant Dylan Morton and David Falk, were killed by temporally-displaced dinosaurs during a surprise attack on their camp.


Further notesEdit

  • The unit, save for Dylan and David, is shown to be universally equipped with M16A2 rifles fitted with M203 underbarrel grenade launchers. Whether this is the unit's standard weapon or chosen based on the needs of this mission, is unknown. But despite the weapon's prominent use in the opening cutscene, it is not usable by the player in the game.



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  1. Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 Japanese material makes sure to avoid any implication the United States is involved - SORT and TRAT's country is merely "a certain country".