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Trat team getting decimated by Raptors

The Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team, otherwise known as "TRAT", was a US Army Special Operations Force active in the 21st century.[note 1]

Operational history[]

TRAT was formed in 2001 as an elite Army Special Operations Force of platoon size at the smallest, taking in only the best-rated soldiers from all sections of the Army. Raised to take on the responsibilities of handling irregular activities such as VIP hostage rescue and sabotage operations, it was seen as an honour for soldiers to be scouted for transfer to TRAT. This attitude was not held by TRAT's first commanding officer, it should be noted, who opposed TRAT's bounding to military hierarchy as any other unit. He would soon after leave TRAT behind and became a founding member of the Secret Operation Raid Team, a unit with similar responsibilities but under direct government oversight. This would lead to a rivalry between the two organizations.[1][excerpt 1]

In 2010, a or the TRAT platoon was given orders to rescue the victims of the 2010 Third Energy criticality incident, soldiers, researchers, and their families who had been teleported into another time in a Third Energy overload. By mimicking the accident, the TRAT platoon was able to travel some three million years into Earth's future, where for then unexplained reasons the wildlife consisted of Mesozoic fauna. Soon after setting up base camp, they were attacked by a pack of Velociraptors that killed the entire platoon bar Lt. Dylan Morton and David Falk.[2]


Further notes[]

  • The unit, save for Dylan and David, is shown to be universally equipped with M16A2 rifles fitted with M203 under-barrel grenade launchers. Whether this is the unit's standard weapon or chosen based on the needs of this mission, is unknown. But despite the weapon's prominent use in the opening cutscene, it is not usable by the player in the game.



  1. Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 Japanese material makes sure to avoid any implication the United States is involved - SORT and TRAT's country is merely "a certain country". However, Dino Stalker confirms Dylan Morton to be a US Army lieutenant.
  1. Excerpt from Official Guide Book, p.5: "ディランが所属するTRAT(Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team)とは、 陸軍の各部隊からとくに優秀な者のみを集めて組織された特殊部隊である。 秘密裏の要人救出や破壊工作など、 不正規活動を中心とした任務が与えられるもっとも危険なチームではあるが、 ここにスカウトされること自体が軍人にとっては最高の名誉とされている。 しかしながら、 2001年当時のリーダーは、 あくまで軍という枠に縛られたTRATの限界を感じてチームを辞し、 政府直属の情報部という形でSORTを設立。 こうした経緯から、 TRATとSORTのあいだには強い対抗意識が存在しており、 当初はディランもレジーナに対して含むところがあったようだ。"
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