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Third Energy Control Room is an area of the Facility B2 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


This room controls the Third Energy Generator, and can monitor its functioning on a real-time basis. It also has an elevator that can be used to access different floors, depending on the Key Card possessed. It has two areas: An upstairs and a downstairs. The upstairs area is the main control room, while the downstairs area serves as a backup control room, in case the Generator overloads.


The Generator must be activated and overloaded so that the Third Energy Vortex disappears and release path to the Port. It can only be activated if the power is restored in the Power Frequency Room and the Dr. Kirk's ID Card is in the inventory. The card can be rewritten in Security Pass Room by having an outdated ID Card and Dr. Kirk's fingerprints, which is also found on Power Frequency Room and can be collected with the F. C. Device. If the player attempts to activate the Generator with the power restored but lacking the ID Card, a cutscene will happen so that the unconscious woman in Power Frequency Room is killed by Dr. Kirk, however his fingerprints will be left in the room.


Location Localization Original script
Terminal panel Terminals that monitor the Generator. They are being used to monitor how the Generator works on a real-time basis. ジェネレータ監視用端末だ 稼働状態をリアルタイムでチェックしているのだろう
Terminal sub-panels A sub-panel for the terminal that controls the Generator. ジェネレータ制御端末のサブパネルだ
Bulletproof glass Bulletproof glass made of liquid crystal. You can't see through it because it is currently set to "smoke" mode. 液晶防弾ガラスだ “スモーク”モードになっているため現在 向こう側は見えない
Generator instruction manual A file titled "Generator Instruction Manual." Will you read the file? Yes / No 《ジェネレータ・操作マニュアル》というタイトルのファイルがある ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Terminal main panel A terminal that controls the Generator. Will you operate it? Yes / No ジェネレータ制御端末だ 操作しますか? Yes / No
Elevator (With Key Card Lv. C or lower) You can't operate the elevator with the card you have now.

(With Key Card Lv. B) You have used the card. With the card you have now, you can access the B3 floor. Will you go down to the B3 floor? Yes / No

(キーカード Lv.Cで)持っているカードの情報ではエレベータは操作できないようだ

(キーカード Lv.Bで)現在持っているカードではB3まで下りることができる B3まで下りますか? Yes / No

Terminal sub-display A sub-display for the terminal that controls the Generator. ジェネレータ制御端末のサブディスプレイだ
Main console The main console that controls the Generator. It cannot be operated because it is in a state of "system lock." ジェネレータを制御するメインコンソールだ システムロックされているため今は操作できない
Terminal at downstairs level The data from the main console is shown on this display. When the main console is malfunctioning, the system can be operated from here. メインコンソールの情報が表示されるディスプレイのようだ コンソールに異常がある場合にはここから操作できるようになっている
Researcher's journal Researcher's journal. Will you read the file? Yes / No 研究員たちの雑記帳らしい ファイルを読みますか? Yes / No
Intensifier Will you take the Intensifier? Yes / No