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The Third Energy missile (サードエナジーミサイル Sādoenajīmisairu?) was created at the Missile Silo near Edward City by developing a Third Energy warhead and incorporating it into a missile that was taken to the future with them. It relied on the Third Energy Data Disk which was no longer to be used by the timegate revival team, who were unable to recreate the accident which sent the humans to the future due to a Velociraptor attack killing the supply team led by Lieutenant Wolf and the personnel at the Military base.

The publicised plan was to launch the missile, once ready, and obliterate the jungle environment - the ecosystem in which Velociraptors were found in high abundance - for the benefit of the human survivors living in the city, who were under threat from dinosaur encroachment.[1]

Ultimately the plan failed; the Velociraptors began a widespread assault on the city the day before its planned launch and eliminated its entire population. The municipal distinct outside of the city was destroyed by a Triceratops mother, who had lost her baby during a clash between the humans and raptors.

The Missile Silo was visited by ReginaDylan Morton and David Falk who were searching for the Third Energy Data Disk. While they found the facility to be intact, the presence of various dinosaurs within the facility suggests that its personnel, too, had fallen victim, as they could not be found anywhere. A Giganotosaurus attacked the silo after a fight with a one-eyed Tyrannosaurus, resulting in the missile's destruction when its fuel was set alight.


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