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Regina, with the Time Gate activated behind.

A Time Gate is a time-travel device. The device appears to be able to control the flow of Third Energy and create a vortex that a person or object can pass through and arrive in a past, present, or future time period.

After the 2009 incident, the US government takes over Third Energy research using the data disc acquired by S.O.R.T. from the Borginian Republic. Studies continue somewhere in the mid-west, and eventually give birth to some of the first time-travel devices; although not absolute. A stable Time Gate will not constructed until the 2050s when Third Energy is perfected.

Noah's Ark Plan (Dino Crisis 2)[]

The opening cutscene of Dino Crisis 2 shows a large vortex opening in the ocean and the T.R.A.T. Patrol Boat appearing through it. This suggests that possibly the ship came through a Time Gate.

The rear cabin of the patrol ship has a small Time Gate, possibly built into the ship. This was T.R.A.T,'s only hope of returning to the present. When Regina returns to the ship with a prisoner in tow, she discovers that it, along with the Starter Battery, has been sabotaged, presumably by the Full Faces.

At the end of the game, another Time Gate is discovered in the Unknown Facility by Dylan Morton. When one of the computers falls on Paula and crushes her legs, Dylan tells Regina to return to the present with the 3rd Energy Disk so that they can research Third Energy, build a perfected gate, and return to get them. A reluctant Regina promises to do so, salutes Dylan, and disappears through the gate.

Further Notes[]

  • When entering the room after the final Giganotosaurus battle, the room is called "Gate" Development Lab. This suggests that this Time Gate is either still in an experimental stage or is the room where a Time Gate could be built or "developed".
  • After Regina escapes through the Time Gate at the end of the game, the vortex instantly disappears. This may be due to either the Gate being activated only for a short time to allow a "window" of escape or it may have short-circuited due to the facility falling to pieces.