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  • Lt. Mike Wired is snatched out of his time when he is about to be killed by an enemy plane, on the orders of Lt. Dylan Morton. He returns to the same spot later, but the bullets that would have killed him are temporally-displaced, and he is rescued.[citation needed]


  • When his country's government refuses to continue funding Third Energy research, Dr. Edward Kirk finds funding from the Borginian Republic. He fakes his death in a lab explosion, and travels to Ibis Island's top-secret military research facility. Soon after his arrival, over 150 people are killed in an accident. Third Energy research deviates towards developing equipment to prevent such accidents in future.[1]




  • An unnamed researcher writes a log entry in his journal.[citation needed]
  • A guardsman writes in his journal of the project later that night.[citation needed]
  • The Third Energy project is again a failure. But when dinosaurs begin to appear from the project room, workers begin preparations for evacuation. Most are happy though, because although the project didn't turn out as intended, it still performed a "miracle".[citation needed]
    • Dinosaurs begin to attack the workers. Soon, the dinosaurs settled in and around the destroyed facility.[citation needed]


  • Thursday 14 January: An accident occurs at Edward City's Third Energy facility, which results in an area several miles in diameter being transported three million years into the future. The nearby Army base; a missile silo; a laboratory complex and Edward City itself are also taken. In their place stands a primordial jungle.[2][3]
  • Monday 10 May: After investigating the jungle, it is determined (wrongly) that the victims were taken into the Cretaceous Period. Having taken time to analyse the accident, a special forces team comprised of a TRAT platoon and SORT agent Regina are transported into the future to search for the survivors and recover data on Third Energy.[2] On this day or soon after, Regina and Lt. Dylan Morton return to 2010.


  • Tuesday 10 August: Faced with the prospect of human extinction or non-existence due to the arrival of temporally-displaced dinosaurs, the "Noah's Ark Plan" is put into place, wherin those dinosaurs are taken to the distant future where they will no longer be a threat to mankind. The team is led by Col. Morton. Expecting the mission to take considerable time, the staff take their families with them. The team does not return, with the only known survivor being Col. Morton's daughter Paula Morton.[citation needed]


  • Sunday 13 April: The Shaft Sector's main elevator is broken due to overloading.[4]
  • Wednesday 14 May: The Shaft Sector's ventilation fan shuts down as an automated response to the life-support system pumping too much Oxygen into the module.[4]


  • Wednesday 1 July: A fire breaks out in the Shaft Sector's control room due to a power surge burning out a computer terminal. The crew are evacuated.[4]


  • Wednesday 3 May: Another fire breaks out, this time at the crew quarters, when a personal terminal burns out due to overuse.[4]
  • Tuesday 31 August: Dennis Waring arrives onboard Ozymandias as a personnel manager in the Shaft Sector's Crew Administration. Elizabeth Bathory also arrives, and is assigned as an administrator for the housing department.[5]
  • Wednesday 3 November: An accident occurs in the Energy Sector as the Third Energy core suffers a "disturbance". Power goes out around the ship and the gravity fails. The core is shut down for emergency maintenance and re-activated.[4]


  • Sunday 2 February: Caren Velasquez, an H-IIIA Android, is formally registered on Ozymandias as a second-generation crewmember.[5]
  • Friday 25 February: According to Captain Satoko Evans' log, this is the date that the Ozymandias leaves the Earth.[citation needed]
  • Wednesday 23 August: Mark Hillman loses 'Data Storage Media' in the Deck Sector.[7]
  • Wednesday 6 September: Radiation from α2 causes irregular surges in the ships energy distribution.[citation needed]
  • Monday 11 September: The doctor treats 40 patients. All patients have a mild form of radiation illness. To his horror, the patients were previously worked on port-side facilities when infected.[citation needed]
  • Tuesday 12 September: The doctor informed the captain that he has discovered the radiation illness has infected over 40 crew-members.[8]
  • Wednesday 13 September: Captain Evans informs the doctor of the situation.[8]
  • Thursday 14 September: Captain Evans announced to the entire ship crew that their journey might end in a grim fate.[8]
  • Friday 15 September: The Medical Block is now understaffed and unable to handle constant emergency calls. Over 80% of the crew are now infected. The H-IIIA Androids are instructed to handle the space funerals.[citation needed]
  • Saturday 16 September: The ships main doctor, possibly the last medical practitioner alive on the ship, curses the day he ever went aboard the ship. The remaining Ozymandias crews were instructed to preserve their DNA and cell samples for the MTHR to create a new breed of human to colonize α2.[8]
  • C. September 20: At the accelerating amount of death, all crew-members are deceased by this date.[citation needed]


  • Jacob Ranshaw is born around this year.[10]


  • Patrick Tyler is born around this year.[10]


  • Sonya Hart is born around this year.[10]


  • The Ozymandias reappears after 300 years.
  • The Seyfert probe ship is sent to investigate the sudden reappearance of the vessel.
  • The Seyfert is destroyed, along with a shuttle containing several S.O.A.R. members.
  • The surviving S.O.A.R. members (Patrick Tyler, Sonya Hart, and Jacob Ranshaw) infiltrate the ship.
  • The Ozymandias is destroyed, along with the ship's M.T.H.R. computer and a shipload of mutant dinosaurs.

Future Earth[]

  • Year 0
    • 14 January: This is the date in which the Edward City survivors reached the future world.[3]
    • Undated: All medicine in the Army base is used up, forcing the Army to rely on combing the jungle for plants with medicinal properties.[3]
  • Year 7
    • The first rumours emerge of a dinosaur larger than a Tyrannosaurus. Search parties are tasked with confirming this rumour, but no survivors return.[11]
  • Year 8
    • 3 June: Annual checks take place on the underwater 3rd Energy Reactor, but the mechanics are attacked and killed by Mosasaurs. Direct access from the Reactor complex to Edward City is cut off.[12]
    • Undated: Tectonic activity awakens the volcano near Edward City, bringing with it a migration of Inostrancevia.
  • Year 9
    • Summer: An Army patrol finds the remains of a Tyrannosaurus, confirming the rumours of another apex predator.[11]
    • Undated: The Triceratops herd destroy part of Edward City as retaliation for human into their territory, killing many in search of a soldier who stepped on an egg.
  • Year 10
    • 14 January: The 10th anniversary of the time warp is memorialised.[3]
    • Undated, early: The Full Faces begin their attacks on Army patrols and facilities; those killed near the jungle are taken to the Research Facility for further study.[13]
    • 25 March: Compsognathus expand their territory to incorporate the Research Facility, interrupting scientists' progress.[14]
    • 4 April: A strategy is devised to defend against the Compsognathus pack.[14]
    • 6 April: Traps are set up to capture Compsognathus to prevent the theft of critical work.[14]
    • Late April: Orders are given to conduct an autopsy on a Full Face and report the findings to the 3rd Energy Facility.
    • Late April: The date the research staff were set to migrate over to Edward City. Following this the facility is abandoned and consumed by the jungle.[14]


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