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The toilet (トイレ toire?) is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis. It was the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility's only bathroom. Located on the Facility 1F floor, this toilet was adjacent to the Strategy Room in the floor's security section, placed securely behind two sets of laser shutters.


It is a room composed of plenty of sinks, small windows and toilets. A small ventilation opening is above the toilet ceiling.


Sometimes An. Aid can be found from the entry point. There's a small ventilation which player can climb up, leading to the Piping Check Passageway B 1F.


Location Localization Original Script
An. Aid Will you take the An. Aid? Yes / No
The sinks I don't need to wash my hands now. 手を洗う必要はないだろう
Toilet equipment It is well-maintained and clean. きれいに手入れされている
The small storeroom Cleaning supplies are inside. 清掃用具が入っている
The toilet No one seems to be inside. 人の気配はない
Ventilation to the Piping Check Passageway B 1F Do you want to climb to the ventilation opening? Yes / No 通風口に上りますか? Yes / No


Further Notes[]

Toilet Door

Beta door found in the Demo version.