"Chew on this!"
— Tom as he sacrifices his life to save Rick

Tom was an agent of the Secret Operation Raid Team, an intelligence and espionage group. Tom's specialty and role within the group was intelligence gathering. Infiltrating hostile or otherwise difficult to access locations, Tom would gather information, befriend and watch key targets, and report back to S.O.R.T. with data and recommendations. Tom would often work alone, moving in long before the other team members to prepare the way for their mission.

In 2009, Tom was sent as an undercover agent to infiltrate a research facility on Ibis Island. While there, he discovered that the facility's lead researcher was Edward Kirk, a man believed to be dead. Gaining Kirk's trust, he learned more about the facility and reported back to S.O.R.T., advising they take action. Doing so, the rest of the team arrive at the facility, finding it infested with dinosaurs. Tom, one of the few who survived the initial massacre, was gravely injured, and despite the assistance of his team, he died before the mission's completion.


Infiltration of Ibis IslandEdit


An injured Tom telling Rick and Regina about Dr. Kirk

Some time before the commencement of S.O.R.T.'s deployment to Ibis Island, Tom was ordered to infiltrate the island's main research facility and investigate whether the energy project at the facility had potential military applications. During his investigation, Tom discovered that the lead researcher and supervisor of the facility was Edward Kirk, a man believed to have died tragically in an accident some years before. Tom gained some degree of trust from Kirk and was quickly given access rights to many areas of the facility. Tom's final report to S.O.R.T. detailed Kirk's role at the facility and recommended that immediate action be taken.

However, by the time that the other members of the team arrived at the facility, the most recent Third Energy experiment, testing the function of a prototype Stabilizer, had been completed, with the unfortunate side-effect of summoning dinosaurs from a different time period to the island. Unable to contact Tom, the team began their investigation.

A call for helpEdit

"Kirk's insane... his experiments have nothing to do with energy."
— Tom warning Rick and Regina about Dr. Kirk

Rick & Tom

Rick helping Tom along.

Tom, however, was injured while fleeing from the dinosaurs. He sought refuge in the large size elevator control room in the facility outdoors area, and sent out a distress call to his team, who had gathered in the facility 1F control room. Of the three surviving team members, Rick, Gail, and Regina, Rick was in favor of responding to the distress call, leaving to help their teammate as soon as possible. Gail warned that it may be a trap, and recommended continuing with the mission to find Kirk.


Tom's corpse.

If Regina decided to follow Gail's plan, she continued to the underground area, leaving Rick alone to help Tom. Without assistance, Rick arrived too late, contacting Regina and telling her that Tom was dead when he arrived.

If Regina decided to follow Rick's plan, they headed outdoors to the large size elevator. Rick and Regina found Tom alive but injured in the large size elevator control room, and planned to take him to the Medical Room in the underground area. Regina proceeded to reactivate the elevator and remove the cargo in their path while Rick nursed Tom's wounds. Upon arrival to the medical room, a sleeping Velociraptor surprised them, and Tom sacrificed himself to save Rick's life.

In her final report on "Operation: Dr. Kirk", Regina reported that Tom was attacked and killed by a "giant reptile" inhabiting the island, adding that he would be missed.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tom had an average build, with short, light-brown hair. As a military agent, he was physically fit and capable with firearms, often using an Uzi. However, Tom's real talent lies in infiltration, information gathering, and in gaining the trust of potentially hostile people. During his infiltration of the Ibis Island research facility, Tom quickly gained prominence as a researcher, being assigned to the B1 lab area. He gained Kirk's confidence to some degree and inspired interest in the other researchers, some of whom thought they could persuade him to spy on Kirk. Tom's role in S.O.R.T. was one of reconnaissance: he would gather information before missions and ideally make the entrance of the rest of the team easier.


With a talent for gaining people's trust, Tom could ingratiate himself to people quite easily. While at Ibis Island, he managed to gain Kirk's trust as well as the envy of the other researchers. His fellow S.O.R.T. agents valued him and his role in the team, particularly Rick, who was shaken by his death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tom appeared in the first Dino Crisis as a minor character and narrator in the opening scene. While having a relatively minor role in the game, Tom features heavily in the backstory shown through the journals and is the center of the first plot choice. Despite dying in both, his outcome is different, and he reveals plot information to the player in Rick's choice.