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Trashed[note 1] is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 2.


Regina and Lt. Dylan Morton return to the hovercraft to find it trashed.


Regina: Just try to relax. What is wrong with you? You're a survivor, right? Please, we're here to help you. What's your name? Where are all the others? Where's your family?

Dylan: Regina, you better come and see this.

Regina: Who trashed the place?

Dylan: It wasn't dinosaurs. Someone must have got in here and destroyed all the computers.

Regina: The activator for the gate is broken too. We can't get back to our own time.

Dylan: It must have been those people with the helmets.

Regina: They also damaged the engine activator. We can't even move our ship.

Dylan: Okay, we'll have to look for something in this world, in order to get us back to our original time. And we have to find parts for the ship too.

Regina: Hey, before you go, handcuff the girl so she won't run away. There's a facility we haven't gone to yet. You've got to check it out.

Dylan: Right.

Regina: 「おとなしくして」
「名前は? 他の人たちはどこ? 家族はどうしたの?」

Dylan: 「レジーナ」

Regina: 「誰がこんな……」

Dylan: 「ハデに荒ちしやがった」

Regina: 「《ゲート》の起動装置が壊されてる!」
「これじゃ 現代に戻れないわ!」

Dylan: 「ヘルメット野郎だちだ」

Regina: 「エンジンの起動バッテリーまで……」

Dylan: 「仕方ないな」

Regina: 「あの女の子……逃がさないよう捕まえておいてね」
「じゃあ まだ私たちが行っていないエリアの探索をお願い」

Dylan: 「了解」


  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.