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Tyrannosaurus is a genus of large, carnivorous theropod dinosaurs that lived during the late Cretaceous period. Extinct naturally some 66 million years prior to human evolution, temporal anomalies in the 21st century created by government affairs brought about their eventual re-introduction into the wild.

One Tyrannosaurus individual appears as the main antagonist of the first Dino Crisis, a another individual appears as a secondary antagonist in Dino Crisis 2, and a large, black colored variant individual serves as the final antagonist of Dino Stalker, the Tyrannosaurus also appears in in another Capcom related media such as Exoprimal (a capcom work that is related to the Dino Crisis franchise and UDON Comics).


Ibis Island Incident[]

The first recorded event of human-Tyranosaurus interaction was the 2009 Third Energy Criticality Incident, when a timespace "exchange" caused by a Third Energy experiment sent a number of prehistoric creatures to 21st century Ibis Island. At least one T. rex was among them. This Tyrannosaurus killed and ate a number of humans during the night, including Cooper, a S.O.R.T. agent sent to investigate the experiment. It was revealed to have evolved to have an "obsessive" nature, persistently hunting for Regina, another agent, regardless of the many dinosaurs it could have consumed. It's relentless search for Regina at one point went as far as destroying the team's extraction helicopter by attacking it, mid-air; this forced the team underground.

The Tyrannosaurus made its way down a large cargo elevator, following a group of survivors attempting to collect equipment necessary for their escape plan. Reaching the bottom level, it stumbled upon Regina again, but was knocked unconscious when it damaged an electrical generator.

This Tyrannosaur was killed by the agents the following morning as they escaped the island, leaving the Island only to be inhabitant by the Dinosaurs.

No source is currently available confirming whether it was killed by a bomb explosion or in a Third Energy explosion.


Noah's Ark[]


T. rex in Dino Crisis 2

See also: Cyclops

In the 2050s, the Noah's Ark Plan was prepared. In order to prevent an increase in temporal anomalies from altering -or preventing- human evolution, the animals were forcibly displaced, and sent three million years into the future through an improved understanding of temporal mechanics; they were to be returned to their respective time periods once the temporal crisis would come to an end. A number of Tyrannosaurs were taken as well.

When the MTHR computer confining them in comatose conditions became corrupted, it began experimenting on the animals, turning a Troodon into a "leader" animal influencing the others. Possibly as a result of its corruption, the dinosaurs escaped and killed the human staff members, and escaping into the wild.

The genus became considerably notorious in this new world - an unrelated temporal anomaly sent a military-run city and the surrounding area to around the same time (accepting a few years leeway), providing teams of soldiers tasked with killing them. Unfortunately for the military, no T. rex was reported to have been killed, and they were considered to have no real weakness.

Trex render 3

One Tyrannosaurus hunted Regina and Dylan Morton of a 2010 rescue team for miles in the forests against a lake, along with Edward City on the opposite side. Having lost an eye during its first appearance, the dinosaur proved to be just as obsessive as the one Regina encountered one year earlier (relative to her time-frame). This ultimately led to its presumed downfall when it stumbled into a Giganotosaurus' territory near the Missile Silo, where it was shaken like a ragdoll before being killed.


Cyclops the T. rex versus David

Another T. rex, notable for its pitch-black skin, was sent into Hyperspace as a result of the malfunctioning MTHR's manipulation of "Hyperspace", which was ironically causing the temporal incursions that the Noah's Ark team was sent to prevent. A Second World War fighter pilot, Mike Wired, was tasked by Dylan with shutting down MTHR and finally ending the temporal crisis. The pitch-black Tyrannosaurus first made itself known in an entire displaced city, before following Mike all the way up an active volcano. It was heavily injured in the fight with Mike, and fell into the lava.

Ozymandias Incident[]

Main article: Australis
As its crew succumbed to the effects of radiation sickness en route to a colony world, the MTHR system on board the Ozymandias was tasked with creating a new race of humans based on the crew's DNA samples. Unsatisfied with the humanity's weakness to cosmic rays, it instead began culturing dinosaur DNA based on available reptile samples, and began augmenting those animals, instead. The outcome of Tyrannosaur experimentation was the Australis, a failed attempt at engineering an animal capable of surviving in the vacuum of space.


The T-Rex appears in the crossover game TEPPEN along with other Capcom characters.

Comics and Manga[]

UDON Comics[]

A T-rex appears in the UDON Comics of Darkstalkers, in the past while being visited by a group of robots created by Pyron.

Physical description[]

The T. rex is perhaps the most well-known meat-eating dinosaur of all for various reasons, they have a length of around 12–13 meters and weighed up to 8 tonnes. It has great strength; being able to easily crush bones.

It is big enough to swallow its meal whole. It has thick, strong tail, bulky legs, and surprisingly tiny arms which seems to be of little use. The T. rexs head is large and its jaws are lined with sharp powerful teeth. In the Dino Crisis universe, all of these characteristics are amplified at least a bit, they are over 14 meters in length and displayed exaggerated durability and strength.

Compared to the creature in most media, the shape of the skull is much more like its real counterpart in many respects, with a narrower, lower snout and rounder ridges above the eyes. The skin is very tight-fitting, it has a very flexible tail and very short toes with elongated claws. In Dino Stalker the Tyrannosaurus, despite being way over-sized, is very scientifically accurate in terms of design. It has inward-facing palms (in the game, in concept art of has primates wrists), correct finger length, eyes facing forward atop the head, a narrow, low snout, small, low nostrils, and a very accurate skull shape and a stiff tail.

Behavioural characteristics[]

Tyrannosauruses encountered in the game are portrayed as aggressive, implacable and possess almost sapient levels of intelligence and a genuinely malicious streak behind their instinctive nature to feed and survive. They also have a habit in toying with their victims prior to feeding upon them, yet at the same time, capable of holding grudge and hatred towards ones who proved persistent enough to be a thorn in their sides (ex. Dylan and Regina). In fact, they will go so far swim to reach their prey and enemy alike. Most of these can be observed in Cyclops, who relentlessly pursued either Dylan or Regina in some occasions for seemingly blown one of his eyes (though it was David who did so with a RPG).


The Tyrannosaurus serves as a playable character in the Dino Crisis 2 Extra Crisis minigame "Dino Colosseum". In this mode, it is large and moves very slow even while running. This version is also missing its eye. Player 2 gets a black T. rex in Dino Duel mode if they select it. However, the player 2 T. rex has both eyes intact. This Tyrannosaurus bears resemblance to the Pitch-Black Tyrannosaurus from Dino Stalker.

The Tyrannosaurus cannot be killed in either of the games by conventional means, and serves as an essential boss character in certain, if not most parts on all 4 games. The T. rex can devour the player whole with ease, should the player not defend themselves. Although most weapons won't make the dinosaur flinch, some strong firearms such as the Missile Pod or Anti-Tank Rifle, which can be bought later in the game, may deter the T. rex, only for a short time.

Jet-black Tyrannosaurus

In the Edward City level, players would take control of a mini tank while escaping from the T. rex. Although the T. rex can be brought down using the tank's cannon, it'll get back up again and chase after the player.

Near the game's climax fight, the Tyrannosaurus is defeated by a Giganotosaurus and replaced as the new "stalker".



Dino Crisis[]



Biting (かみつき)
Touch (接触)
Head swing (首振り) 300
Run biting (突進かみつき) 450
Roar (咆吼) 0

Dino Crisis 2[]

Attack Damage Description
Biting (かみつき) 220 (250 if falling)
Mow down (なぎ払い) 200 (250 if falling)
Elevated mow down (高所なぎ払い) 250 (300 if falling)
Roar (咆吼) 0




  • The Tyrannosaurs in Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 visually look identical in-game (excluding the obvious eye injury the second Tyrannosaurus obtained) but look completely different during the FMV scenes.
  • The first encounter with the Tyrannosaurus in Dino Crisis shows a much more detailed model as only the head, neck and front legs are visible. This specific encounter is the only time the developers had a fully animated dinosaur's head. You can see much more detail in the teeth, it has a moving tongue and moving eyes. This was probably a deliberate decicion made to frighten the player upon first seeing the creature, and to show that this is a dinosaur that one shouldn't take lightly.
  • The death of the Tyrannosaurus in Dino Crisis 2 is similar to the T. rex in the American film Jurassic Park III by Universal, which came out the following year after Dino Crisis 2. In the film, the T. rex pursues Alan Grant (one of the main characters of the franchise along side Dr. Ian Malcolm) and the group, only to engage in battle with the much larger Spinosaurus. The battle ended with the Spinosaurus winning after defeating the T. rex.
    • It could be possible that Dino Crisis 2 served as inspiration to Universal's Jurassic Park III. While it may be a coincidence, this is unlikely due to the fact that the production team decided upon having a much bigger dinosaur that was more fierce than the original concept of using a Baryonyx and that could replace the T. rex on the spot, which sparked outrage by fans of the franchise.
      • It should be noted however, that the Spinosaurs of Jurassic Park lll was an enhanced version and a hybrid that was secretly created as part of a genetic experiment and amalgam testing for a bio-weapon beast, the same experiments which preceded ones that led to the creations of the Indominus rex (which is part Cornotaurus, Rugops, Gigantosaurus, Majungasaurs, T, Rex Velociraptor, Pit-Viper, and cuttlefish)) , the Scorpios rex, and the Indoraptor of Jurassic World: Evolution. This in turn, explained the dinosaur's longer and muscular legs not unlike those of T. rex as well as white eyes, strong arms (a trait shared with Indominus), deceptively stronger bite-force, and lack of tail fins — an image contrasting its real-life counterpart whose posture being semi-quadrupedal due to shorter legs and more evident amphibious physiology.
    • That being said, the duel between T. rex and Giganotosaurus (before they were cloned by Ingen and Biosyn) in the prologue of Jurassic World: Dominion, shared the same outcome with the one in Dino Crisis 2, albeit played realistically: since a Giganotosaurus is not as bigger and stronger as the one in aforementioned game, both dinosaurs fought evenly until the former landed a decisive blow by slitting its opponent's throat and letting the subsequent blood loss did the rest.
  • It is also possible that the Giganotosaurus was effected by the radiation of the Missile Silo from Ibis Island, and would also explain why it was so large, and how it was strong enough to take out a Tyrannosaurs Rex.
  • A gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex featured in the 2008 Turok reboot dubbed "Mama Scarface" bears similarities to the Tyrannosaur in Dino Crisis 2, both having one eye missing and constantly proving to be an obstacle for the main characters. Ironically, Mama Scarface is known for being much stronger and more fierce than the Giganotosaurus in Turok.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, a game and comic made by UDON that takes place in the same continuity as Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone, two T.rexes and a Raptor appear in the stage known as the Jurassic Era Research Facility, as the organization Shadaloo is planning to use the Dinosaurs that live on the Island for possible attack animals, and are looking for a way to take them off the Island.
  • In the UDON Comics of Darkstalkers, a T. rex makes a cameo appearance in one of Pyron's early visits on earth.
  • The T-rex of the Dino Crisis game and books have a striking resemblance to Hauzer from the Red Earth franchise from Capcom and UDON.
  • It has been discovered that a T-rex actually had lips.
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Also known as Earth-30847), Amaterasu of the the Okami series is seen alongside a red T.Rex.
  • The appearance of the T.rex throughout Dino Crisis has a striking resemblance to the ones seen in Exoprimal (.which is also own by Capcom and UDON).