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The Underground Heliport is an area of the facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis. It is used in the 2nd Ending for escaping the island.




Location Localization Original Script
Large shutter by the entrance It's solidly constructed to withstand heavy shock from outside. 外部からの衝撃に耐えられるようかなり頑丈に作られている
Ventilation ducts on the walls It's a ventilation duct to let in the outside air. 外の空気を取り入れる換気ダクトだ
Helicopter storage shutter It looks like helicopter maintenance storage. It's completely locked up. ヘリコプターの整備庫だろう 完全にロックされている
Checking the stationed helicopter It doesn't look like it's been used for a long time. Possibly for emergency escape use only. 長い間フライトをしていないようだ 緊急脱出用なのだろうか
Checking on Gail before confronting the T-Rex Gail is watching Dr. Kirk. ゲイルが博士を見張っている
Yellow Emergency Box You can store ammo and medical supplies in this Emergency Box. You need a plug to open this Emergency Box. Will you use the plug? Yes / No この緊急ボックスでは回復系と弾薬系のアイテムを補給できる 開けるためには1個のプラグが必要だ プラグを使いますか? Yes / No




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