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The Vital Credit Service (VCS) is the in-game shop for Dino Crisis 2, where ammunition is purchased. The concept was revived in Dino Crisis 3.


Through these terminals, the player can access tools, ammunition, medical items and more powerful weapons throughout their mission.

The purchase price for all items and weapons are dependent on what difficulty you are playing.

Easy mode: prices are halved compared to Normal mode

Hard Mode: Prices are doubled compared to Normal mode. This requires the player to grind more with their default weapons unless they are going for an S rank.

Once you play the game with the EPS platinum card, the magazine option in the menu will be disabled since infinite ammo is granted to you with the card.


Further notes[]

  • It is generally theorised by the fanbase that the Vital credit service was invented by Dylan's future self during the Noah's ark plan so both Regina and Dylan could use these to survive the Jungle located 3 million years into the future.
  • The plan for the vital credit system was probably for colonel Morton and the survivors to buy themselves some more time to send the dinosaurs back to their original time since the time gate failed.
  • Another hypothesis is that this system was plan B to eradicate the dinosaurs since Dylan became the last survivor of the Noah's Ark Plan, and since his younger self used these terminals, he could replicate the technology.