Dino Crisis Wiki

This is the basic controls and the survival tips for Dino Crisis.

PC Keyboard[]

Up Arrow, Numpad 8 - Move forward, push objects

Down Arrow, Numpad 2 - Move backward

Left Arrow, Numpad 4 - Turn left

Right Arrow, Numpad 6 - Turn right

B - Change target

X - Aim, display room name on map

D - Turn 180°

F4, Z - Main menu

C - Confirm, investigate, attack

Esc, V - Cancel, run

F5, Ctrl - Options menu

F1, A - Pause

F7 - Toggle graphics filtering on and off

F8 - Toggle between windowed and full screen modes (Windowed game gains "always on top" status after doing this)

F9 - During game: exit to title screen; at title screen: close Dino Crisis

PC Joypad[]

Up - Move forward, push objects

Down - Move backward

Left - Turn left

Right - Turn right

Button 7 - Change target

Button 8 (hold) - Display room name on map, draw weapon and aim; you can attack while moving

Button 5 - Turn 180°

Button 3 - Main menu

Button 1 - Confirm, investigate, attack

Button 2 - Cancel, run

Button 6 - Options menu

Button ! - Pause


Up - Move forward, push objects

Down - Move backward

Left - Turn left

Right - Turn right

L1 - Change target

X - Confirm, investigate, attack

Square - Cancel, run

R1 (hold) - Draw weapon and aim; you can attack while moving

R2 - Turn 180°

O - Main menu

START - Pause

SELECT - Options menu



  • The Velociraptors may be fast but Regina can outrun them most of the time. Sometimes it's best to conserve ammo than stay and risk being mauled by a dinosaur.
  • Use your surroundings. Since the dinosaurs run much faster than any zombie would in Resident Evil, they pose a much bigger threat. Thankfully, the game allows you to use booby traps like the laser shutters and the sprinkler systems to slow them down or trap them. This is good when Regina has no ammo and needs to flee the scene.
  • Be quiet. In some cases Raptors may be distracted by things such as dead bodies. In this case, you can either take them out, or better yet, ignore them. Also, it's not a good idea to run near a raptor or run in front of a raptor eating a carcass as it will notice Regina. Sleeping Raptors can still detect Regina even while walking, so be aware of that.
  • Run like hell! Sometimes retreating from a fight may be the best thing. Just be aware that Raptors, and some other dinosaurs, such as Therizinosaurus, can follow Regina from room to room. However, there are certain places they cannot follow Regina such as most save rooms. There are a few exceptions to that rule, though, so watch out!