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The Warehouse Sector was a modular section of the Ozymandias built to hold supplies. In 2548 it was destroyed by the ship's AI in an attempt to kill Patrick Tyler.[1]

Formation changes[]

Like other sectors, the Warehouse Sector could formation change if required. While the Rotary Joint and storage nodes moved around, the five warehouse pods were rotated around. Three formations were available. In the first, Module C was at the centre with Module D to the port linked via elevator to E, with B and A the same on the starboard. In the second pattern, Module E was at the centre, with D and E on the port and A and C, the starboard. In the final pattern, Module D was at the centre, with E and A on the port and C and B on the starboard.

The third pattern was the only formation which could link the Warehouse Sector with the Shaft Sector, due to the unique features of Storage Module A.


Further notes[]

In the English version the sector is consistently referred to as the "Storage Sector". However, souko (倉庫?) translates better to "warehouse".


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