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The Water Tower is an area within the Jungle.


A large water tower area surrounded by a large wall. A rusty garage door leads to this area from the jungle area.


When Dylan first enters this area, he sees a human survivor. He tries to reason with the person but they run away without giving him a chance to talk to him. The water tower is the first time the player comes across an Extinct Point service terminal where they can save the game, restock on ammunition, med packs and buy new weapons and tools, the only new weapon at this point is the Solid Cannon. Also located right next to the save point on the floor is the first Dino File of the game, Velociraptor. To the left, around the corner from the terminal, there is a door that leads to the poison plants area. Due to the plants, however, the door is locked and can only be unlocked from the other side. Around the side of the water tower there is a ladder that leads to a med pack.


Location Localization Original script
Control panel It is a control panel for checking the operation of the water tower. It is completely rusty. 給水塔の作動状態をチェックするための端末だ 完全にサビついてしまっている
Door to the Marsh Area It's locked from the other side. It can't be unlocked from this side. 向こう側からロックされている こちらから解除することはできない
Sign by the blue door It looks like a very old sign.
"Military Facility Up Ahead. Missile Silo"

"This route has been closed due to unusual outbreak of poisonous plants. They are scheduled to be incinerated starting next week."


《この先 研究施設・ミサイル基地》《毒性植物が異常発生しているため このルートへの立ち入りを禁じる》 《来週より 処理班による植物の焼却作業が開始される予定》

Water tower It is a water supply tank. The surface is heavily corroded. It doesn't seem like rust, but probably caused by the rain of this world. 給水タンクだ 表面がボロボロになっている サビではなく腐食している この時代の雨にさらされたせいだろうか