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You have a mail (tentative) is the prologue cutscene to Dino Crisis.



Computer: You have mail. The 2nd report from military experiment facility. Agent name: Tom.

Tom: I have successfully infiltrated under the guise of a researcher as planned. I have encountered no information regarding top secret development of new-type weapons, but I have discovered there is an unexpected individual at this facility. The man is Dr. Kirk; the leading authority of our nation's energy research. Dr. Kirk was alleged to have died in an accident during the course of an experiment three years ago. The reports were premature and it appears that he is currently working as the head of a non-weapon project at this facility. The experiment is in the late stages of development. Regarding the staged accidental death, it appears that this country is somehow involved. Recommending that necessary actions be taken immediately.

Computer: Refer to the data on Dr. Kirk.

A report from a news paper #1: Dr. Kirk proposes the ultimate source of clean energy.

A report from a news paper #2: Government rejects financial support. Laboratory closes.

A report from a news paper #3: Tragic disaster: Dr. Kirk deceased following an accident during an experiment.

Computer: Operation instructions.

Operation instruction: Secure Dr. Kirk and repatriate him swiftly.

《軍事研究施設より第2回報告  エージェント︰トム》

Tom: 計画通り 研究員として潜入成功
極秘開発中の兵器に関する情報はまだないが 当施設内で意外な人物を発見
カーク博士…… 我が国のエネルギー工学の権威である
3年前 実験中の事故で彼は死亡したとされていた
現在博士は ある非兵器部門のプロジェクトリーダーを務めている
その開発実験が近日中 行われることになっている
博士の偽装事故死の裏には この国が何かの形でからんでいるようだ

Computer: データ参照……カーク博士 《死亡》

A report from a news paper #1:《カーク博士 究極のクリーン・エネルギーを提唱》

A report from a news paper #2:《政府 援助要請を却下 研究所 閉鎖へ》

A report from a news paper #3:《大惨事……カーク博士 実験中の事故で行方不明》


Operation instruction:《カーク博士の奪還 および……》